Project Manager, Creative Production, E! Entertainment

€ Responsible for management of the creative and production process from concept thru completion for all video, digital and print projects.
Work with Internal Creative Teams and External Vendors to design and produce creative elements and campaigns
Review Creative Briefs/Job Requests with an eye to what the ask really is, accurate information, timeline, budget, delivery specs, assets required to produce the promotion
Communication with all parties: Confirming that all assets, feedback, notes, approvals, requests, timelines and budgets have been communicated and are understood and agreed on
Develop, Maintain and track timelines and budgets for all projects, working with the creatives and any external parties
Point of contact with programming, production management, production companies in regard to production company timelines for pre-production, production and post production in regards to promotional shoots, assets delivery, sharing of assets, etc.
Ensure all deadlines are met and promotional assets (print, digital, video) are delivered to spec
Negotiate project budgets with external clients and vendors, working thru all deliverables required including but not limited to tags, AE Collects, Sub Masters, cut downs, versions, scripts w/music reporting, etc.
Work with Music Rights in securing clearance to license commercial songs, communicating out all license information
Negotiate and resolve creative, scheduling and budgetary conflicts with the help of the Production Hub Team
Troubleshoot problems and use creative problem solving to reach goals and manage deliverable and budget
Budget management for the projects, including but not limited to: data entry, forecasting, tracking, actualizing, pacing, accruals, re-allocation, etc.
Obtaining Clearances for all promotional material produced from all the parties and communicating out that information, including but not limited to the following: Fonts, Legal, Rights & Clearances, Music Rights, Programming/Development, Talent, Press, Production Companies, Other 3rd Parties, Restrictions on Footage Usage (i.e. Blurs, No Promotion Rights,
Managing workflow with Post Team, External Vendors, Internal Creative Departments, including but not limited to software versions, editing platforms, deliver of rough cuts via Media Silo, tags, music, tool kits, sub masters, etc.
Shepard projects thru approval processes before releasing
Archive and Track all deliverables and files on shared drives using an agreed upon naming convention and organization system that is shared by all teams
Execute all legal paperwork required fully, included but not limited to: NDA's, SOW, PSA, W-9's, etc. following company guidelines
Request, Submit for payment and Track all invoices for your projects following company guidelines
Quality Control Check all promotional material/all versions (video, print, digital) with the Creative Lead, the Production Team and the Post Team.
Helping if needed researching and locating stock footage, stills. Once it's located clearing the purchase thru R&C, purchasing it and tracking usage and restrictions on log
Attend shoots and operate as the Production Producer for the Creative Marketing department
Low and High Rez footage requests from Production companies in tandem with Creative Leads/Preditors
Work with the Post Department, Production Coordinator and Scheduling team on the scheduling and delivery of promotional material for exclusive PR release, on-air, online, etc.€ 3 + Years Project Management or Post Production Experience

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